Charisma Cleaners are honest, dedicated and eager to work.  We believe in getting the job done in a timely manner and delivering, maximum quality and satisfaction to the customers.  Our cleaners are thoroughly trained in performing each cleaning task, important safety issues, double-checking their own cleaning, performance and working through difficult situations.  


Having management organization, communication and a relationship with staff helps completion of the project.  During the time of cleaning, you will be able to count on receiving and worry-free service from us. 


Charisma Cleaning is a woman-owned business that was founded in 2016 in Muncie, Indiana by Andrea Venable-Bond.  "Charisma" 

originates from the remembrance of Andrea's grandmother Ann

who owned a business as well, which was called Charisma Bath Oil.  Charisma Cleaning is a small company but is looking to grow over the next few years by providing services throughout Central Indiana.  We strive to provide the best cleaning service in the area while maintaining affordable rates.  Whatever it takes to keep your facility looking at its best, Charisma Cleaning is confident that we can.  Charisma  Cleaning....."Only if you want the best"!  Charisma Cleaning is certified as a Minority and Women's Business Enterprise.  


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